About SIF

The Social Impact Fund (SIF) is a funding opportunity open to local 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that are implementing solutions to address the root causes of some of our region's greatest challenges. Initiated in 2015, the SIF follows a collective giving model made up of funds donated by Ingage Partners employees and funds matched by Ingage Partners.

Check back in early 2025 for the next application window

What We're Looking For

We are looking to fund, strengthen, and grow local solutions that deliver significant results to local residents in any of the following areas:

Grant Eligibility

In order to be considered for a grant, your organization must meet the following criteria:

Applications that are programmatic, capital, start-up, or research-oriented will be considered. We regret that we cannot accept any of the following types of applications: endowment, existing operating costs, partisan activities, completed projects, individual churches, indigent care subsidy, travel, loans, pass-through funds, or for individuals.

Important Dates

  • January 31

    Last day to apply

  • February 12

     All organizations notified of status and finalists notified of request for further information

  • February 28

    Round 2 last day to submit

  • March 11

    Finalists notified

  • March 28

    Finalist presentations and awards announced

Finalist Presentation

Up to four organizations will be selected to participate in the finalist presentations. Each presentation will consist of a short video submission followed by a live question and answer session with Ingage Partners employees.


All finalist organizations will be awarded $1,000. Ingage Partners employees who invested in the Social Impact Fund will vote to select one winning organization, who will be awarded $30,000 and 100+ hours of volunteer/pro bono work from Ingage Partners (estimated value of pro bono time is $10,000).  Final amount will be announced immediately following the finalist presentations. The winning award will be distributed in milestones during the grant year, with the full amount disbursed by October 31st.


We are looking to fund, strengthen, and grow local solutions that deliver significant results to local residents. Programs with a focus on implementing solutions that address root causes are encouraged. The SIF committee assesses the LOI and Round 2 information in 4 areas: Impact, Feasible/Achievable, Evidence Based, and Durable. What we consider in these areas is as follows:


Does the proposal describe a significant and/or urgent problem and will the solution have a transformative impact? Is the depth of the program sufficient to address the problem described? Does the project address a problem and solution in one of our 3 focus areas (children’s health & wellness, financial insecurity, and youth technology initiatives)?


Is the budget cost effective and linked to activities and outcomes? Is the cost per person receiving services reasonable taking into account the intensity of the program and its intended results? Does the team have deep knowledge or expertise to deliver its proposal on its own or through its partners?

Evidence Based:

Does the proposal present evidence that the solution or critical components of it have previously yielded concrete results? What evidence is there that the approach has or will work?


Does the solution either expect to solve a problem in the short-term or create a pathway to an enduring solution? Will the solution have a sustained impact? Is there evidence of ongoing support, either through partnerships or financial, that will ensure sustainability?



Important Dates

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