Meet Celina

2020 was a year that shook many of us. For some, a time to reset and restart. At least that is how Celina saw it. Before the pandemic, she was working for an apparel company creating content. While she was thankful for her job, she felt like it wasn't quite where she wanted to be. Celina was one of the millions of Americans that lost their jobs due to Covid. She saw it as her chance to write a new chapter in her story and launch a career in tech. Celina has always enjoyed solving complex problems and has been interested in technology but never thought that it would be attainable as a career. At least that was the case until she heard about Tech 2 Thrive. Since she didn't have a source of income after being laid off, the funds she received from Tech 2 Thrive helped her to launch a new career path and give her the opportunity to fulfill her dream of working in tech. Shortly after attending a boot camp, she was hired by Ingage Partners and is well on her way to making her impact in the technology space.