Tech 2 Thrive

About Tech 2 Thrive

Tech 2 Thrive makes tech careers accessible for everyone by removing the financial barriers associated with coding boot camps and technical training. We empower people traditionally underrepresented in high-earning tech careers by providing opportunities and support for those ready to make a change.

Our deferred payment model allows students to enroll in a coding bootcamp today and pay back the tuition only after gaining employment. Our fund depends on the generosity of the community, on individuals and organizations willing to pay it forward.

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Complete an online application and pass the admittance criteria. We pay for your tuition upfront for you to enroll in the bootcamp.


Attend a 15 week tech bootcamp and graduate from the course.


Begin the process to repay your tuition after getting a job making at least $50,000 annually. Repay over 24 months, with 0 interest in the first 12 months and low interest thereafter.

Career Support Services

In addition to financial support, we provide additional career services that will help students enter the tech job market confidently and prepared. We reinforce the career preparation provided by the coding bootcamp through the following ways:

Individual & group discussions with IT professionals

Resume & LinkedIn coaching sessions

Networking opportunities & employer connections

Mock-interviewing: identify strengths & improvement areas


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